CLUB RULES (including Drivers and Marshals obligations)

GRCOR Guideline – Life Membership

GRCOR Conflict of Interest Policy vA 20190807



  • By entering the Complex you agree to all Geelong Motorsport Complex Rules and Risks including other Clubs activities on Site
  • You agree that photos or digital images, videos or recordings, professional or otherwise may contain you, your property, identification and/or minors under your care and that these articles may be taken, used, published, sold, edited or distributed internally or externally in any media with or without your express permission
  • In using the amenities provided on site, you will not defecate, deface, graffiti, destroy, alter the use of any item within the Complex and shall be liable for not reporting any other person you witness in contravention to this agreed requirement
  • Minors are to be under the control of adult supervision at all times and must not enter the track, pits, car park or roadways without total control of the adult who has brought the child / children on to the Complex
  • Under no circumstances are people permitted to climb, forage, collect, dig, hunt, mine, fossock, fish, bury, detain, retain or manufacture anything whatsoever at any time on the Complex grounds. There are to be no pets that are free from leads at any time whatsoever. All excrement and litter of any type including cigarette butts must be disposed in bins or the appropriate receptacle (ie recycling, toilet, stockpile). The area is designed for motoring activities only
  • No person is to be on site before 7am or sunrise, whichever is later or 9:30pm or sunset, whichever is earlier. Any temporary daylight additional lighting is to be pointed towards the ground


All persons expecting to participate as a driver or marshal at GRCOR must read, understand and accept the Procedure and Rules plus the Penalties and Decisions listed below.  By signing in to the GRCOR Drivers and Marshals Induction sheet, participants agree to abide by our conditions and have fun and enjoyment while staying safe and looking after the safety of the others at the facility.


  • All drivers must be aware of the track marshals
  • Marshals must wear a yellow high visibility top when on track
  • GRCOR expects that Marshalling will occur at the completion of the heat or race that the Driver has just finished. Any Drivers surplus to needs shall report to race director and shall be given other duties at the facility or be excused to resume to pit or as spectator. Alternatively, marshals can be selected by the race control software from the field of competitors not required to drive or participate in the selected heat or final
  • All marshals shall make their way to their nominated marshalling stations when required by the race director, if you are unable / unfit to fulfil your marshalling duties it is up to you to find a replacement well in advance. This includes Drivers who have urgent repairs
  • All Marshals must be on track and in position at their designated stations prior to warm up or commencement of racing
  • All Drivers will line cars up on the pit lane whilst marshals get into position on track
  • It is only when the race director is satisfied all marshalling positions are filled and it is safe to do so, that the race director will permit the events commencement
  • Marshals are to be stationed behind marshal safety fences at all times while cars are on track unless attending to a car under a ‘yellow flag situation’
  • All drivers MUST obey the marshals waving of their arms or gesturing to the drivers stand, their intent they are going to ‘yellow flag’ situations. No exceptions will be made!
  • There may be an audible buzzer or the Race Director may call over the PA system to assist track marshals signalling any safety / yellow flag or race stop scenario
  • When a marshalling incident occurs, the marshal nearest the incident is required to raise their arm (or yellow flag) to signal the race director, it will be at this time the race director may sound a buzzer or call over the public address system and initiate a full course safety flag scenario. If the marshal can attend to the vehicle/s without the need for a ‘full course yellow’ then drivers are to drive slowly (ie less than 15km/hr) past the zone of the incident
  • Once the field has slowed and passed the obstruction the marshal is then allowed to attend the stricken car, they will right the car and then return to their marshalling station
  • All drivers are required slow their vehicles down to half speed and to circulate on the outer sides of the track maintaining track position whenever race director initiates a ‘full track yellow flag’, until the race director gives the order to return to race pace
  • If the Race Director calls ‘STOP, STOP, STOP’ all drivers and marshals will stop and listen for instructions.
  • Under no circumstances are any of the drivers allowed to reduce the gap between their car and the car in front of them, nor are they allowed to overtake another car under safety flag conditions
  • At the conclusion of the race all cars are to immediately make their way to pit lane where the will turn off their engines via their remote kill switches
  • When the cars are all off the track at race conclusion, the marshals can leave their stations
  • Penalties and Decisions
    • The decision of the race director during and after the race is final and will not be debated or entered into
    • Any issue can be communicated with the race director at the completion of the race – when time permits
    • Penalties will be applied to anyone deemed to be breaching the rules, all drivers will be given a verbal warning by the race director and have to opportunity to correct their own mistake by pulling off the racing line and taking a self imposed penalty for the amount of time and any gain in position or advantage they accrued during their violation or breach
    • If the correction is not undertaken immediately on the same lap by the driver, the penalty will be added by the race director (which may be via a track official to race director)
  • Engineers or mechanics are permitted on track to retrieve vehicles for repairs in pits. No refuelling is to be carried out during a heat or race event
  • There is to be no driving whatsoever in the car park outside of the track safety fencing. Penalty for this is disqualification for the day’s event
  • Smoking on the drivers stand or race track is not allowed. Alcohol is prohibited within the Geelong Motorsports Complex. Vial language or obscenities are not tolerated as we have a fun and friendly environment


  • Any other qualifiers also achieve 1 point where they commence the Final. If cars start the final but fail to complete a lap, they are automatically placed in 10th position.
  • In the event of a tie, there is a count back process. The last three rounds are added up and then the place is decided. If there is still a tie, the subsequent three prior rounds and so on.
  • All results are decided on by the timing system output. The only exception is where the Race Director decides there has been an error in the system (not transponders) and rules otherwise.
  • Only members are eligible to receive Club Points
  • Points are not retrospective so if a member has not paid their annual fees, points are not allocated until all monies payable are received by the treasurer
  • The race director shall update the points tables within 48hrs of the completion of racing and display results on the web site
  • All results are based on the Racing Software outcomes – Race Director may overrule any decision on placings via consultation prior to conclusion of the next heat or final only per RCRA Rules


Geelong RC Offroaders have an inclusive culture and wish to provide for the use of its facility for enjoyment by recreational electric 1/5th car users and hobbyists. The following are minimum requirements and must be adhered to during organised race or practice days:

  • No person shall be on site using the track/s outside of advertised calendar events or unless the track/s is/are being hired by prior arrangement with a Committee member present. 
  • Electric powered 1/5 or 1/6th cars shall run in same class as the chassis is designed. No 1/4 scale cars permitted.  
  • Maximum 8s and 780kv motor
  • Must have fail safe actuated on receiver / esc
  • Must have reverse disabled (car is not able to reverse by itself)
  • Must be scrutineered, have a body shell – per RCRA Rules
  • Is permitted to pit for battery changes by driver or mechanic
  • LIPOs to be stored and charged in LIPO bags and have extinguisher provided by driver within 5m of stored LIPOs. LIPOs to be kept in LIPO safe bag on pit bench when racing with personal extinguisher
  • No club points or podiums can be allocated for electric cars driven
  • Electric cars are bound to the same RCRA rules and any local rules and/or special conditions communicated in the drivers briefing
  • Electric car driver is to show marshals how they can turn the car off in case of a ‘runaway’ and “E-Sticker” is to be displayed  next to Power Switch location on body
  • Electric cars can bring different speed, acceleration and potentially heightened risks and drivers are not to exhibit dangerous or erratic track behaviours or put marshals at additional risk through speed otherwise the Race Director can use their discretion at any time to disallow the vehicle to run. There will be no disputes, no refunds
  • Drivers may be requested to complete laps to display how they intend to drive before being permitted to run in heats or finals
  • Petrol powered drivers shall be accepting of electric powered cars at the club to help provide ‘fun’ for those that enjoy these types of models
  • All drivers shall remember the clubs underlying pillars Safety, Fun, Learning, Respect and observe the RCRA Code of Conduct and all other Drivers and Marshals Obligations  


Code of Conduct: All participants at GRCOR shall abide by this Code of Conduct at all times.

Participants at State and National Events shall sign and acknowledge the Code of Conduct prior to participation

Download RCRA Code Of Conduct Document

Major club and inter club events:  Run by AARCMCC rulings as below

RCRA Large Scale Off Road Rules

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