2020 NATS Chief Scrutineer Message

Our Chief Scrutineer,  has listed a few key areas we will focus on at the NATS.

This list will help people prepare cars and inform you of the key areas to be assessed - so you know what to expect. This will especially help those of you who haven't raced a Nats before.

2020 NATS scrutineering target areas:
-Car Dimensions (Width, Length, Height)
-Car Weight (Minimum and Maximum Weight)
-Kill switch and engine stop switch operation
-Engine stop switch access and 'E' Sticker
-Brakes operational
-Clear windows
-Front bumpers
-Cars to have a body
-Measured fuel capacity for A main finals

We will also publish and inform you of a few of the key points for heats, marshalling and processes as we head closer to the Nats.

This information will be made available on our website under the 2020 National Titles tab: https://www.geelongrcoffroaders.com.au/home/2020-large-scale-off-road-national-titles/

For all the details on the Rules please refer to the RCRA Rules as published at the time of the event.

For any enquiries about Rules - please refer to your Club's nominated RCRA delegate or Club President