2020 NATS – Terms & Conditions

Participants Agreement and General Terms

In addition to GRCOR Club rules located here participants agree to:

  • The event is being hosted by Geelong R.C. Offroaders Inc.(GRCOR) on March 5  to 8, 2020 at the Geelong Motor Sports Complex - 55 Beach Rd. Avalon, Victoria, Australia
  • The event is being run according to the current version of the RCRA Large Scale Off Road rules
  • Every entrant, mechanic or pit person will be required to sign the RCRA Code of Conduct prior to the commencement of the event
  • 5th March is the only practice day, all participants to attend the practice day as it is a requirement to fulfil the registration, transponder check, scrutineering and induction process. Drivers to ensure their transponders are tested and confirmed.   Wrong numbers or poor signals will be the responsibility of the competitor and not the issue of the race director.
  • The field is limited to a maximum of 120 cars and no more applicants than this are possible. The process for entry placements shall be based on a first form lodged on line at RegisterNow and all paid up basis (GRCOR RESERVES THE RIGHT TO RESTRICT SECOND, THIRD OR FOURTH CAR ENTRIES IF THERE IS HIGH DEMAND
  • GRCOR shall provide any refunds for unselected, unsuccessful or ineligible entries. All entries are not refundable if the participant cannot attend.
  • Any non-sponsor wishing to sell parts in the pit area or on the premise during the Nationals shall be required to pay a site fee. (This includes and is not limited to retailers distributing parts on site that have been pre-sold on their web site prior to the event). Site Fees are payable on the RegisterNow system.
  • All participants are to adhere to the CAMS motorsport site requirements at Geelong Motor Sport Complex plus the GRCOR Rules and Obligations available at http://www.geelongrcoffroaders.com.au
  • All participants shall be responsible for their own safety and security including property on site. All marquis, displays are to be suitably secured from wind and theft and may be required to be dismantled at the completion of each racing day. All pits are to contain a checked fire extinguisher and fuel is to be kept away from hot motors, naked flames and shall be kept in AS compliant containers.  LiPO batteries shall be kept in LiPO safe bags when not in use or being charged unsupervised
  • All participants and support team members are to attend the daily briefing / inductions and are to hold safety in the highest priority. You are required to promptly attend any briefing late arrivals may be disqualified at the discretion of the GRCOR organisers or the Race Director
  • No driving R.C. cars in the pits or car park, a test and tune area shall be provided for the safe tuning of cars. No pets, camping, aerial photography or aircraft permitted on site
  • All cars shall be engine tagged and scrutineered prior to being used within the complex – it is the driver’s responsibility to be scrutinized and un scrutinized cars found will be disqualified.
  • There shall be no illicit drugs or alcohol brought onto or consumed at the Complex at any time. GRCOR / GMSC reserves the right to refuse entry to any person without reason for refusal
  • All prices are in Australian dollars. Any bank, Credit card surcharges, Paypal or RegisterNow fees, charges, refund monies or cancellations shall incur additional costs to be paid for by the applicant which may include reasonable administration fees
  • Drones, or any other type of flying remote control devices are not permitted For queries please contact GRCOR President, Andrew Park on 0412 856 156 or via email: info@geelongrcoffroaders.com.au